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“I’ve been going to Jono for some time now, after having my baby I really suffered with back pain and was worried I wouldn’t be able to get back in shape and lose the baby weight.


Jono tailored my sessions around my back until I was able to almost train as normal. Also the flexibility of sessions allowed me to fit training in around work and being a new mum wanting her body back.


My one to one sessions give me they variety I can’t get at home and having someone to push you makes you work harder achieving better results. I can honestly say I’m in better shape, fitness and toning wise than I was before I had my baby girl.

Steph Phillips-Davies, Middlesbrough



“I have recently started doing the Aspire Online PT package (lean machine) and so far the progress and difference I have seen is great! The plan is only £7.50 per week which is a lot less then what I used to pay for a personal trainer in Sydney. I also get a better service off Jono as he is in frequent contact with me to make sure I know what I am doing in the gym, following his training and nutrition plan and giving me tips and advice! I also find the checklist and willpower exercise in the transformation booklet a big help to keep me on track over the 12 weeks.

Andrew Smith, Sydney, Australia



“Thank you Jono for training with me the last two years! I’ve been running, cycling and sporty since I was 10 years old but I’ve never been in a better shape than I am now. Only by doing one 40 min PT session per week improved my overall strength, my running, cycling, golf, skiing, etc. Even my back problems, (which were the main reason to start this), completely disappeared.


For my fellow Yarmies and my friends abroad I can highly recommend him. Jono trains people in his gym but has also lots of clients from all over the world who he trains and teaches about nutrition through videos, emails and WhatsApp.”

Eva Meenhorst, Yarm



aspire fitness success articles



“Thanks Aspire for for there kindness and hard work! I see a big difference in my fitness level from where I began when I started your exercise classes 4 years ago.! I have never been able to run and struggled walking up the stairs and now I can manage to run 5k without stopping as well as completing the Total Warrior challenge you encouraged me to achieve.


I still enjoy coming to your bootcamps and classes as you provide fun exercises that are always different although they’re tough and challenging. Jono pushes people so they can see what they’re capable of and he cares about clients achieving their own goals and I think that’s an important quality to have.”

Samantha Kirk, Thornaby



“Thank you so much for the help and support over the last two years, can’t believe it has been two years. It has flew by. I really appreciate everything you do and would not of achieved the results I have without all your support, professional knowledge and correct advise. Most of all its the encouragement I receive that has pushed me to get where I am.


Thanks so much Jono, I can’t thank you enough. You do a brilliant job and are always there to support people. You are friendly and welcoming and that is why I have achieved my results.”

Sue Henman, Thornaby



“I have known Jono for a few years from him working for Stockton Leisure & Sports Development. Anyone who knows him will know how dedicated and enthusiastic he is to Sport and training so it was an easy choice to ask him to help me.


“I am a very keen runner and regularly compete in 10k races and I asked Jono for his help to get me motivated for races and increase my performance times. After a consultation to develop a plan for what was in store for me including a Body/Workout Analysis and Diet assessments the training began. After 8 weeks of training and doing what I was told I began to notice the difference in my Stamina and was running at a quicker pace.


“Jono also helped me to improve my Muscular Endurance for when I am tackling hills and also helped me cut a few pounds so I am lighter on my feet during races. I was given a great nutrition plan to help me maintain a good energy level and cut out the rubbish in my diet. Throughout the 8 weeks I was set realistic goals that I was able to achieve.


“Jono has pushed me all the way and the results are showing in my running as I am running miles in around 7 ½ minutes to my previous time of 9 minute miles! Not only has he helped me improve my running but improve my lifestyle as I feel much healthier and happier and more confident in myself. I have continued to work with Jono since to keep myself in peak condition and would recommend his training to anyone.”

Vicky Fawcett, Billingham



“Jono’s Online Personal training programme has helped me considerably since moving to Perth.. I have followed his diet & training plan and also the transformation manual since moving here and have achieved fantastic results. Jono is in regular contact weekly to answer any of my questions and make sure I am keeping on top of my training and sticking to the nutrition plan he constantly updates for me. His knowledge about diet and training is amazing and I would recommend his services to anyone!”

Sas Williams, Perth, Australia



“Aspire training is inspirational. Jono motivates you to change your life habits in small byte size chunks.


“Aspire training has changed my life completely. I have been training with Jono for 9 months, my life has changed so much. I am totally inspired by the dedication to fitness and living a more balanced and healthier life. I would recommend to anyone.


“I enjoy the one to one PT sessions which gave me the confidence and fitness to attend his boot camps. Now I have the confidence to participate in any fitness classes and each week slowly improving I am even now signed up to Total Warrior 10k in August. A big shout out and thank you to Aspire Training.


“When I started I was four stone over weight could not run for more than a minute, could not even do a squat properly. The changes to my body and mind change every week.”

Zoe Lindsey Walton, Yarm