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Are you looking for a fantastic toolbox of workouts and resources to help you become a better athlete?
If so, you have reached the right place. We have created a package consisting of workouts, recipes and other valuable resources.


The Aspire Fit Club VIP package will help you torch fat working out for 20-30 minutes and eating healthy. If you have any questions jump to our FAQ section.


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Are you ready to start? Only £5.49 Per Month.

CLUB VIP Membership

  • Mailing list subscription
  • Newsletter subscription
  • 20+ Recipes a month including photos
  • Commercial food chain eating guides
  • Workout library with 60+ home workouts
  • New weekely workouts
  • Monthly competitions and prizes
  • Monthly members blog
  • Video library of workouts
  • Nutrition support
  • Training support
  • Bonus resources
  • FAQs
  • Q&A

STANDARD Membership

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How much is an Aspire Fit Club VIP membership?

The membership is £5.49 per calendar month. Each payment will be taken on the same day of the following month.

Are these workouts for me?

All the workouts in this book are aimed for anyone out there who is aiming to get leaner and burn fat. However, not only will these routines help you achieve this, they will also make you stronger, more athletic and improve your fitness.

When should I do the workouts?

Whenever works best with you and your daily routine. There is no right or wrong time to train…Just as long as you do it.

How should I use these workouts?

All these workouts should be used more as a guide and will 100% have you working towards being a leaner and fitter you. But they are not designed in any specific programme. These workouts are designed for anyone who has limited time to train, they will only take 20-30 minutes out of your day and require little to no equipment.

Try challenge yourself to do as many different workouts listed as possible to keep it challenging.

Will the recipes fit into my diet plan if I’m trying to lose weight?

First you need to remember, everyone’s diet is different based on there body and what they want to achieve. If you want to lose weight you need to make sure you are in a slight calorie deficit so it’s important to make sure you check food labels of any meals to make sure you can fit it into your daily calorie needs to reach your goal.

How do I know how many calories I need per day?

This again is different for each individual, we recommended working out your BMR and then your daily activity levels formula. If you are struggling with these Aspire Fitness will be happy to help.

Can I ask Aspire Fitness for help and advice?

Absolutely! If you are struggling with your workouts, diet or if there is something else you’re unsure about, Aspire Fitness will be on hand to offer help and advice.

On our site you will find a contact the coach section to ask any questions you may have. Not only that we will also be hosting a weekly live chat to answer any on the spot questions if you require a quicker back and forth discussion.

How do I cancel my payments and membership?

If for any reason you wish to cancel your subscription you can do so by logging in to your PayPal account and following the instructions from there. You can also do it from within your account, under the subscription section.

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