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Nutrition & Detox

It is important that you introduce healthy eating habits into your lifestyle as eating a wide variety of foods is one of the most effective ways to aid your body to get the nutritional contributions it needs each day. If you are aiming to lose weight we recommend staying clear of Crash Diets, Diet Pills and other supplements found online. Such diets and supplements will only work for a short period of time and you will soon see the weight go back on and possibly encounter a few bad side affects along the way. This does not mean that you can not drop weight quickly if you have a desired amount of enthusiasm to commit yourself to your nutrition.

We have much knowledge in Nutrition & Detox to help our clients achieve their goals. We have advanced qualifications in Sports Nutrition and can offer sound nutritional advice on Healthy Eating, Fatigue, Protein, Fluids & Scientific Sports drinks and sports supplements. Working within a Sporting environment, the company regularly liaise with athletes helping them to achieve their nutritional goals. These goals include maintaining energy, cutting weight or recovering after competitions such as Martial Arts, Running and Football.

To help improve your lifestyle we will thoroughly examine

  • what you aim to achieve
  • what you eat
  • your activity levels
  • attitude towards food

All in order to tailor a nutrition plan to benefit your needs Nutrition & Body analysis and a 7 Day plan First you will receive a food diary to record your entire nutritional intake for 7 days – this includes how many sugars you have in your cup of tea! Once you have submitted your food diary to us we will develop an individual nutrition plan to compliment your lifestyle.

We will undertake a body analysis and use formulas to work out your calorie intake needed to help you reach your goal, weather that is to lose weight, aid the increase of muscle mass, gain weight etc. The plan will be tailored to suite your food likes and dislikes, work, social and medical history.