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Aspire Fit Club VIP Subscription

£5.49 / month

Aspire Fit Club VIP Subscription is a monthly service that allows you access to a variety of resources to help you along your fitness journey.


Our metabolic workouts are created to help you torch fat and build muscle through raising your post exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) helping you burn more calories throughout the day with very little equipment needed.  Paired with awesome nutritional advice, recipes and resources you have no reason to not succeed!


Aspire fit club recipe


Our recipes with images include Imperial and Metric measures, Calories, Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fats and Fibre values for each recipe. Each recipe comes with a convenient MyFitnessPal barcode to make things easier for you to track.


We are also giving you access to 5 commercial eating guides. These will have the caloric and macronutrient values of your favourite eateries including Burger King, Nando’s, McDonalds and Greggs.




  • Mailing list subscription
  • Newsletter subscription
  • 20+ Recipes a month including photos (with cal/macro breakdown)
  • Commercial food chain eating guides (with cal/macro breakdown)
  • Workout library with 60+ home workouts and weekly ones added
  • Monthly competitions and prizes
  • Monthly members blog
  • Video library of workouts
  • Nutrition support
  • Training support
  • Bonus resources – Diet templates, training logs, training plans and more
  • FAQs
  • Q&A