numbers don't lie

Numbers Don’t Lie

December 15, 2016

The truth is when it comes to getting in great shape and losing weight all the exercise in the world could mean nothing if your nutrition isn’t correct.

In our Online Nutrition plans the areas we focus on the most are these 4 listed below, getting these correct is absolutely vital in order to help you lose weight and get lean..

  1. Calorie Intake
  2. Macronutrients
  3. BMR
  4. Energy Manipulation

If the plan you are working off right now is not specific to you and these key areas then you have unfortunately not been working to your full potential, maybe even doing more bad than good.

You need to know the correct calorie intake based on you as managing your weight requires calorie control and knowing your calories in Vs calories out.

The quality of calories consumed doesn’t matter for weight loss but getting in good macronutrients is extremely important for you to progress your body composition, energy and improve health.

It’s important to remember with nutrition it’s about getting the 100 pieces of the puzzle together to make the big picture work.

In our online package we cover every aspect needed for you to burn fat and fuel the Muscle.

Check out our online PT packages a available for men and women.





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