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Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

November 15, 2016

Each person is compensated in like manner for which he or she has contributed. The level of discomfort it takes to get something is in direct proportion to how valuable that thing is. This is what Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote when writing the Law of compensation. Or in other words, you get out what you put in, and that your level of success is only predetermined by your level of effort.

Being sore, tired, frustrated, craving, unsocial, stressed, sweaty are all methods of payment. It’s not fun and most of the time it may hurt. But I guarantee no matter what you are training for, to accomplish your goals you will come across all of these methods.

In order to attain your goal, make sure you are training in an environment that will give you the tools, challenge and the push you need to achieve. Surround yourself with people who believe in you and will progress you to reaching it. Believe in yourself and relish the challenges and discomforts throughout the journey.

So next time your struggling at training, feeling sore, tired and lack morale, just remember that this is the price for progress.
The greater the price the greater the reward.

In order to achieve progress you must ‘Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable’.

5 easy to follow tips to help you get comfortable being uncomfortable


  1. Raise the Bar. Set yourself some small challenges to help you progress. Make sure these challenges put you in an uncomfortable position which when complete will aid your profession.
  2. Build mental toughness. Regardless of circumstances always get to training, stop making excuses, work hard avoid distractions and get the job done.
  3. Prioritise your fitness – plan your training, plan your nutrition, plan your sleep and recovery. Stick to the plan and whatever else you plan, prioritise your health and wellbeing and make no excuses.
  4. Share the process – being uncomfortable is hard, make sure you share your journey with your close friends and your coach. They will support you if it means a lot to you and help you through the struggles to the success
  5. Enjoy the process. When you are training and it’s hurting, in your head know that you are doing something right and that it’s working. Remember that if it was easy everyone would do it!


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