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What are the benefits of working with Aspire Fitness?

Working with Aspire Fitness ensures the exercises performed are specific to your goals and are performed in the correct form to reduce injury. We are extremely knowledgeable and have skills required to work around injuries and medical conditions that make effective exercise difficult. Personal training is flexible and can be done at a time that best suits you in a private and confidential studio.

Do I need to be fit to work with Aspire Fitness?

At Aspire our doors are open to individuals of all fitness levels! Whether your goal is to gain muscle, tone up or simply loose weight we cater for all needs. We specifically train to your individual goals, fitness levels and at a pace that suits you. We aim for you to enjoy training not resent it!

What happens during a PT session?

Sessions begin with a simple warm up to prepare yourself for the workout. After the warm up the trainer will explain the plan for the session, what muscles you will be training and the exercises you will perform. Each training session will form part of a programme bringing you a step closer to achieving your overall goal.

Most of our clients like training with us because of the variety of exercises we do. Our exercises are completing different to modern day gym and the techniques we use are unique to Aspire! Throughout sessions we strive on constantly informing you with knowledge regarding nutrition and excise to ensure your daily lifestyle can also help you achieve your goals.

Are Aspire Fitness trainers correctly qualified & knowledgeable enough to PT?

Yes, all our personal trainers here at Aspire are fully qualified and very experienced. We take our qualifications very seriously and all merit can be shown to the client upon request to show we are correctly certified.

Just because someone was ‘a good runner’, or ‘have trained for years’ does not mean they can call themselves a Personal Trainer – this can put the client at risk of injury and slow progress.

Our qualifications prove that we are exactly what we claim to be: specialists! We are completely capable of looking after our own and other peoples bodies – whether that be writing nutrition plans, giving pre/post natal advice or even discussing exercises for injuries, you know you are dealing with people who are extremely knowledgeable.

How many days should I do PT at Aspire & workout on my own?

This all depends on the individual but we would recommend starting on 2 sessions a week at Aspire Fitness and 3-5 days training per week. However this all depends on the individual, their goals & their current fitness levels. It is best to speak to us first at a consultation where we can give you advice on which is the best option for you.

Cardio or weightlifting, which is more beneficial?

Here at Aspire we believe they are both as beneficial as each other but it will depend on your goals to which you require most. Both cardio and weights work wonders in keeping you fit & active. In what ratio they are used is more dependent on the individual and what they are trying to achieve. This can be further answered after your consultation with one of our Aspire trainers.

How quickly will I see results?

Each individual is completely different and there are so many factors like age, sex, weight and genetics that it is impossible to give exact time frames. Your trainer will be able to help answer this question more specifically after the consultation. Investing in a knowledgeable trainer who is aware of your goals and how to achieve them will be ensure you succeed in reaching your goals sooner rather than later.